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    How much do ADULT classes cost?

    All group classes cost £6.00 per session. Tuition is payable on a monthly basis of £25.00

    How much do CHILDRENS classes cost?

    Children's classes cost £5.00 per session.

    What do I need to wear?

    Wear loose light clothing such as T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

    What does training consist of?

    Beginners start with basic a basic warm up. Classes then focus on pad work, forms and sparring. Intermixed with this will be locking, throwing, punching, kicking and partner work.

    Do I have to take gradings?

    A grading system is in place to chart your development - to assist you in knowing where you are within your skill base and how to progress. We have a grading every 6 months.

    How long does it take to get my black belt?

    Our emphasis will not be on you attaining your black belt, but for you develop as a martial artist. The attainment of the grades is to assist you in a direction. When you come to class, no one wears belts. The 8th grade is a senior student position.

    Where are the Classes held?

    We Train at Linton Village Hall, Maidstone. The parking for the hall is on the opposite side of the road at St Nicholas Church, Linton Hill (main A229 ...road). From Maidstone on the A229 about 500 yards after Linton crossroads you will come to a 30mph sign and the Linton village sign. At this point, start indicating left as the turning comes up very quickly. As you enter the church, there is plenty of parking for free. To get to the hall, you can go through the church yard heading to the main road with the village hall on the opposite side. Please be careful as this is a busy road to cross.

    Post code for the church is ME17 4AW

    Any problems on the night, call me on 07980 945378


    Linton Village Hall
    ME17 4AW